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Three new casinos to open in New Jersey

One of Canadian closest legal gambling destination New Jersey wants more casinos.

The New Jersey lawmakers want to legalize online gambling and open new land casinos. Another bill concerning gambling industry will be considered by lawmakers in New Jersey. For the moment they are considering opening three new casinos as well as changing current attitude towards online gambling. Ralph Caputo who is a member of the State Assembly said that there were several offers to change the constitution. But they all require the electorate to approve the idea of opening new gaming establishments in the northern part of the state.

Many disagree with this policy

We know about the disapproval of this step, expressed by the authorities of South Jersey. In their view, additional casinos will negatively affect the issues which Atlantic City had to face most recently. Four casinos were closed in Atlantic City last year and the government of the state reports the reduction of revenues from this type of business. To settle the issue the voters will need to tell their opinion whether they want 3 new casinos to be opened in Bergen, Essex and Hudson or not.

Opinions on online gambling

To include this question to the ballot papers on the ballot in November the State Legislature will have to approve it until August the 3rd. Not so long ago Governor Chris Christie expressed his support for the new casinos in North Jersey but he also underlined that the future is with online casinos. Implementation of online gambling which is rapidly progressing now with mobile casinos can be postponed but it cannot be stopped.