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The new type of casino

The casino industry keeps evolving together with the young generations. We already have such innovations as fighting clubs and tattoo salons at the casinos, and breakdown from the traditional slots. There are ‘food casinos’ which give a fun alternative to traditional roulette gambling. So apparently not many things are off limits for casinos in their fight for new players.

The Fox casino will give you a tattoo

The need to bring more young people to the casinos, makes them change the old style classic tables to the ‘Star Wars’ style tables, music tables, live music and MMA fights – all to keep the public satisfied. In New England they lead a real ‘casino war’ where the players are the trophies. Foxwood’s Casino (which is in Connecticut) made a very strong move by rebranding one of its gambling rooms. The casino is now called The Fox and it is filled with tattoo salons and there is night club named the Shrine with top DJs playing live music.

More changes at casinos and online casinos

But it’s not a phenomenon of Connecticut only. In Rhode Island (which is also New England) they also provide changes. Right before this Christmas the Twin River Casino had removed 274 slot machines which allowed to increase the number of poker, baccarat and other table games. In this casino they also organize MMA fights which bring is crowds of people aged 20 to 40 years old.

At this very time the online casinos keep improving their mobile games choice. Dozens new online slots get added to the mobile casino lists every month. The number of Progressive Jackpot slots also keeps rising. By the way, the latest Mega Moolah jackpot winner brought home over $6,5 million British Pounds (which is about CAD 7,5 ).