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The Microgaming life-saving project

It was announced that the Microgaming Health & Care Trust is going to provide life-saving equipment (Automated External Defibrillator or AED to be precise) to every of eight golf clubs on the Isle of Man. They will do it following the Bernard Gallacher campaign started in 2013.

This charity defibrillator campaign started off last year. It was initiated by golfing star Bernard Gallacher as a result of his unexpected cardiac arrest during regular golf club visit. Clearly Gallacher remembers last summer accident more than well. Because it was only thanks to emergency manual cardiopulmonary resuscitation and defibrillator usage that they saved his life that time. And thus gave him the chance to survive and to recover thereafter. And it inspired him to start the campaign.

Impressed by Gallacher’s story the Isle of Man Golf Union decided to follow and to support the project of life-saving equipment supplying with sincere hope not to face common incidents. According to the Union’s President this story made them realize the necessity of defibrillator in every club to prevent such situations in future. Guided by this vivid example of a single man who wants each and every UK golf club to be supplied with essential live-saving equipment the Isle of Man Golf Union requested support and assistance from Microgaming Health & Care Trust. As it turned out they did the right thing. Because not only Microgaming provided them with what was requested, but also gave them a promise to do it on the regular basis. Hats off for the Microgaming!