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Playtech and Yo Yo sign a $16.4 million deal

Playtech has been working intently for the last few years on diversification of what they can offer. This leading online casino software developer and provider has signed a number of deals recently and just recently it was announced that Playtech will acquire Yo Yo Games for $16, 4 million. The deal will thus become one of the largest in the market pushing the shares of both companies higher than ever.

Yo Yo Games and online gambling

The main achievement of Yo Yo Games company was the developing of GameMaker tool, which allowed using a single code type for crafting their games. The developers surely liked this know-how and this enabled a number of platforms to be presented to their audiences. One of the best things about GameMaker was that it could be programmed for such popular platforms as iOs (for Apple mobile), Xbox, Ubuntu, Windows 8 and some others. And it was free to use except for add-ons that come for very reasonable prises!

Playtech’s new perspectives

Now with Yo Yo to support it Playtech will most likely expand what it has to offer to its customers through the b2b channels. With almost a million developers using the platform they recently purchased and over 5 million downloads the company is about to gain quite a new perspective. This means that Playtech is becoming even stronger positions in the industry than it ever had, because there will now be the development kit to support the company’s future growth.