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Five online casinos world secrets you knew nothing about (Part II)

Last week we named the first two secrets most players should know when joining a casino online. These tips can really be useful if one knows how to use them and when to use them. Today let us name the other three important things for online casino players.

The secret №3: Always use your casino customer card

Many online casinos give the players loyalty customer cards for staying with them for quite long. These cards will allow not only to monitor the casino as you are an active player, but also to reward you according to your success. Loyal customers often receive things like free taxi rides, additional bonuses, as well as cash back (in care of some loses).

The secret №4: Many American players lose

According to statistics provided by the h2 Gaming Capital Company in 2013 the Americans left more than 115 billion dollars in land casinos only. US gamblers lose more than others all over the world, and that’s a fact. President of a land based casino has recently stated in an interview: “What can we say? Casinos are built in such a way that they will eventually win. It’s a business. ” But the figures are striking: 80% of all Americans are playing in casinos (i.e. at least once a year and choosing any gambling game). In England, people enjoy drinking a pint of beer after work, and in the United States people go to a casino.

The secret №5: There is a trick which allows players to pull out more money

Casinos are trying their best to make you stay with them for as long as possible. Their employees have been studying the human psychology for years and so there are special developments of the most successful casino room layouts, such as design or slot machines. Studies have shown that bright colors and quickly flashing lights on the slots players make their bets in times faster. Women spend more money when in the room around them there are not many people. Pleasant smells coming through the vent pipe can increase gambling activities in offline casinos. But you have probably noticed that none of these tricks will be possible in a casino online. The slots online remain almost the same as those in land casinos, but as for the rest – the players are free to choose whatever time and conditions they like for playing.