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The first Microgaming Soap Box Race event results

On September 13th a leading world online gambling software provider Microgaming held the first Soap Box Race event on the Isle of Man. It was the biggest suchlike event the city of Cardiff has ever seen. The Race was visited by guest from London, Scotland, Wales and from several places outside UK as well.

What the event was about

The main goal of the even was to have fun, but also to collect funds for Isle of Man Hyperbaric. They both were successfully achieved. The crowds witnessed hours of tough competition with many jumps and impressive crashes and in the end there was £2,900 collected. David Downie MBE thanked Microgaming for this. He pointed out, that Isle of Man Hyperbaric treats more than 15,000 patients every year, and so the donation of the company will help hundreds of patients who need oxygen therapy.

The results of the Microgaming Soap Box Race

The event organizer Elliot Moore explained that there is a wide list of people whom he needs to thanks for making the Microgaming Soap Box Race possible. Starting from the teams that took part in the competition, creating soap boxes as well as the drivers who rode them. Then, there were the volunteers, commentators, marshals, 3FM radio, St. John Ambulance and of course Microgaming company, that made it all possible in the first place. And of course he thanked each and single of the spectators who came to support their favorite team or to just have fun.