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Is it possible to fool an online casino?

Casinos have always been the matter of interest for frauds of all sorts and types. Certainly, online casinos faced the same problem when their rapid rise began. So how do they try to full on the online casinos and is it at all possible to do so?

Ways to full a casino online

The possible frauds will be disappointed to know that games at online casinos are always played according to certain rules. There are no chances to switch the cards or steal a chip like they would be able in a land casino. The only real trouble they can make to casino online is to launch a DDOS attack on the casino site and block its work for a certain period of time. Such attacks do happen, they are dealt with pretty fast too. And if we talk about the leading online casinos that we have on our top list – they are almost immune to these attacks.

The Welcome bonuses trick

The only more or less possible way to full an online casino is to create several accounts at it, and then receive several Welcome Bonuses instead of just one. In this case the online casino may suffer certain loses, because it provides several bonuses to a single player. But then there is the trick to play the Bonuses through so that the wagering requirements get fulfilled. This is not an easy task and the result may not be worth the trouble.