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Over a hundred thousand dollars won on Karate Pig

Microgaming games are known for bringing luck to so many online casino players. It may be that they are simply plain lucky or that Microgaming really creates its games with gamblers in mind (which is true). Be it as it may but the fact remains that slots by this company ring wins more often than by any other. And just recently the Karate Pig slot has brought huge wins to two more players.

A lucky online slot

The winner is known by the nickname of S.S and he joined one of Microgaming casinos about a month ago. The player is from Australia and he claims that his way to the lucky slot was not long at all. He liked the Karate Pig right away and had been playing only it up to his win. But he was not going to stop after the winning spins were made and hoped he would hit an even larger jackpot.

A really lucky player

This is why the story of S.S does not stop there. Once he won at one casino he moved to another one right away and started playing the same game again using his tablet. His unbelievable luck was confirmed when he managed to score on the same game for a second time! This time Karate Pig brought him over $90.000 making his complete double win almost $200.000! We sincerely hope that our readers will be just as lucky as this player from the Land Down Under and Microgaming games will bring them just as much joy and cash.