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Casinos in the province of Alberta

The gambling establishments operating in the Canadian province of Alberta received CAD 909 million of income. Financial sector indicators were compiled by local regulator AG & LA and relate to the first half of last year.

The officials, commenting on the economic achievements of the local casinos, state that the business trend is apparently opposite to the overall picture of this province – a region covered by the crisis. The only explanation for the successful development of gambling is the boundless trust of population towards this entertainment segment.

Canadian Casinos

When planning on the gambling business revenue for half a year, the AG & LA experts have laid $ 897 million revenue and apparently made a mistake at 12 units. Now they admit that the decisive role here was played by the return of board games offered by Canadian casinos.

Video terminals fall back

Video terminals unlike the financial sector of casinos in general, has shown gleaning the plan of $ 18 million. Terminals, says the regulator are in fact general “trouble” of local casinos. Their indicators fell evenly. It is worth noting, that the total revenue of the disastrous sector is CAD 270 million; slot machines brought $ 441 million, lottery establishments gave 194 million.