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American social casinos players’ research undertaken

The SuperData organization has held a research aimed to discover the main characteristics of American social casino players. The research turned very important to the whole industry of online gambling since it provided some interesting and important facts. Basing on this analysis the online casino games developers really should shift the way they think and the direction of their work.

The future belongs to mobile casinos, and the future of mobile casinos is games of separate genres (because apparently that is what gamblers want). Nowadays, after the explosive burst in online gambling development, the number of online casino players started reducing. At the same time, those players who stay with the casinos show more interest in quality of what they get than ever before.

What online casinos should do

“Modern players spend more time at online casinos and play more often than before, and the average spending reaches $600 per person.” say the analytics. But the situation with modern social casinos promoting and advertising is really complex. Although the advertising brings about 35% of new players, an even higher percent decides to avoid the casinos because of the aggressive marketing. SuperData recommends the operators to not use pop-up commercials shown during the play. The gamblers really dislike it when the app breaks their game.

The research also shows that TV commercial would be a strong help to online casino providers. Players do watch TV and advertising shown in prime time is quite able to burst the casinos visits up to 50%.