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US Department of Justice is against money laundering

At the National Conference on money laundering prevention held in Nevada, representatives of the Department of Justice strictly gave online casino operators a strict warning.

“Make no mistakes, the Department of Justice will indict and punish all financial institutions, including land and online casinos and gambling clubs, which intentionally violate the banking secrecy law,” – said Deborah Conner, the first deputy chief of the asset forfeiture and money laundering prevention of the United States Department of Justice.

Why following rules is so important

The Bank Secrecy Act requires financial institutions of the United States, including online casinos that operate in the land, to fully cooperate with governmental authorities in the detection and prevention of crimes. Mrs. Conner explained that money laundering prevention is of fundamental importance for the security and integrity of the financial system.

This was the ninth annual, providing training and online professional education. It was attended by more than 350 executives, government officials and lawyers.

What else the conference was about

“This conference provides a unique platform where representatives of casinos (online casinos included), as a community, can openly discuss their problems with the state, – said Mindy Leturne, Managing Director of Casino Essentials. – Where participants directly communicate with government regulators and law enforcement agencies trying to find solutions that can benefit the industry. ”