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Researchers point out the swift development of mobile casinos

Mobile casino gamblers play more often than those who use PC. Plus, they sooner make real money deposits. At least this is what the researchers from Optimove company state.

Online gambling market research

Optimove works in the field of software maintenance. It its recent study, the company representatives say, that mobile casino players make their first deposit almost twice sooner than PC players. Besides, these players are more active as tend to have 1.4 times more sessions if compared to their PC fellows.

However, those who play on multiple platforms, start to pay 3.9 times more often than those who play on just one platform, even if it’s mobile. The probability that a user playing across multiple platforms will make his or her second deposit is also 20% higher.

What the received data means

The average size of the payment made by the users playing on several platforms is 10% higher than that by single platform users.

“No one disputes the fact that the mobile sphere is on the rise – Optimove company states in the blog. – In fact, many companies today are doing their best to break in the gaming industry, only work in the mobile sector and the table is considered unnecessary. Our data supports the hypothesis that in the field of social mobile gaming, everything happens faster. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the mobile sector does not exceed the PC one in all parameters. Our data shows that the best mobile casino users do not apply exclusively desktop or mobile device – they play on both platforms. Therefore, probably, it is worth to invest in marketing campaigns targeted to confirm loyal players to pass from one platform to another platform. ”