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Slot machines with multiple screens

Modern online casino players are spoiled by the huge variety of slot machines with multiple functions, exciting themes, with original features and other non-standard decisions. In the market for virtual gambling software work so many software manufacturers that competition in this industry is colossal.

In an effort to engage users and bring them closer to their products, developers of online casino games have to use all the resources they possess in terms of creativity and imagination. Thanks to their efforts there periodically appear really cool titles that can surprise even experienced players.

WMS company has been regularly releasing slot machines with multiple screens over the past few years. Many of those are very popular with players in Canada. So we singled out several of these and put them in our review. Our readers should note though, that the games are placed in random order and our review is not a rating at all.So let’s get started.

Zeus 1000

Zeus 1000 – The game has two screens with five reels on each of them. In the first twenty characters are placed, and in the second – sixty. Since the images are stacked, there are a lot of combinations. There are also special symbols, free-spins and other advanced features.

Roman Chariots

Roman Chariots – This slot has four screens: one is the base and three are additional. In normal mode, the game goes on the primary set of five reels. The extra screen process starts when the customer receives the right to participate in free spins rounds. They are extra-factors that are taken into account when calculating winnings.


Game screen here also has two different sets of reels. In the first there are five rows and four images, and the second five rows too, but with twelve images. Up to a hundred active lines, the Stack image, free-spins and additional functions.