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When to stop when playing online slots?

There is an ongoing discussion among the online slots fans as to when stop playing? We analyzed opinion of different players and came to certain conclusions.

There is an ongoing discussion among the online slots fans as to when stop playing. Most players believe that the best time to exit the game comes after losing a certain amount of money, for example, ten or twenty dollars. Others say that one should abandon playing only after receiving a big win. Each opinion has certain strong pros. So let’s take a closer look at the problem.

Out of the game after a solid win

One of the most common habits among fans of slots is to complete the game after getting a considerable win. However, the concept of “considerable” is very abstract in itself. This amount is obviously individual for every player. For one 300 coins is already a sufficient amount, and for another it’s a mere trifle. It is likely that a player will leave the game after receiving a certain amount, which he expected when he had joined a slot machine.

Out of the game after a bad spin

The opposite theory which states that you need to move away from a slot immediately after losing several spins in a row also has right to exist. Suppose that your money is running out and the game ceased being fun, and all ongoing rotation are unsuccessful. Many online casino players say that in such a case, you have to move away from the slot after the next unsuccessful spin. Logic of this theory is very simple – if fortune has turned away from you, the chances of losing the series increase significantly.

This system is not better or worse than the previous one. It brings absolutely no benefit to the user except of, probably, cleaning his conscience. The fact is that results of the online slots games are generated completely randomly (at least at Microgaming casinos). If you’re unlucky five times in a row, it does not mean that you won’t get lucky on your sixth spin.