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“Diamond Valley” online slot paid out a 150,000 jackpot

Last week, one very lucky online casino player hit am impressive jackpot of $128,419! The payout is obtained in the slot game Diamond Valley. The name of the institution where the player won his (or her) prize is still unknown.

This jackpot is almost twice as large as average size of the jackpot (which is $ 72,650). At the same time, it is much less than the maximum jackpot of $ 454,956 dollars obtained back in 2012. The amount of the jackpot on this machine depends of course on the time interval between the two wins. On average, this time is about two weeks. The next prize on Diamond Valley amounted of $ 5,987 was received only a few hours after the previous win.

Diamond Valley jackpots

To get the coveted jackpot on Diamond Valley a player has to create a line of five characters and form the Diamond Mountains. We should mention here, that the amount of winnings depends on the bet size. At this slot machine bet size varies from just one up to five dollars per spin. So you can win the jackpot only by playing with the best possible rates.
Popularity of the Diamond Valley slot game among the true online gambling fans is due to the issuance of regular frequency jackpots. This machine has firmly taken its place in the portfolio of most online casinos.