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Five online casinos world secrets you knew nothing about

We have recently come across a pretty interesting article when surfing the internet gathering info on fresh online casinos. It was an interview with the president of one of the New York casinos in which he was telling about five secrets from the world of online casinos and he was telling them quite openly. So we decided that our readers might find these secrets he shared quite interesting too.

Secret №1: Casinos want you bet reasonably

You may be surprised, but the casinos do not want you to lose everything you have immediately after the first visit to a casino. In New York, every visitor to the gambling establishment spends an average of $ 100, and the president says -“It is better to let them spend convenient for $ 75, but come back again.” He also said that there are some standards of decency that the society is not bent, and with the biggest loser is a very strong effect on the losers, as well as on society around – this should not be tolerated. In order to feel good at the casino, namely, to enjoy the atmosphere, free food, drinks and the rest do not necessarily come to the casino with a suitcase full of greenery.

Secret №2: Casino greatly affects the economy of the region

This statement is not yet very applicable other countries but the United States, but we hope that this is temporary and eventually the authorities will be able to find an acceptable scheme of the casinos worldwide. Casinos, mobile casinos included, create jobs, pay taxes larger than conventional enterprises, and are also responsible for the tourism component of the region. As an example, we give the casino in New York, which in 4 years has created 1,500 jobs, and paid into the treasury of the state over a billion dollars! Total US casinos shared with the state nearly $ 9 billion, how much well can be done with the money? And yes, for the year 2012 there are still interesting figures: only in the casino industry in the US is working 332 thousand people, who have earned a total of $ 13.2 billion. By uncomplicated mathematical calculations can be seen that the average monthly salary in the casino industry in the US is solid.

To be continued