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Online casino roulette. On which colour to place bets?

As the matter of fact, this question is actually absurd, because it is a player’s own business on whether he/she will place bets on red or black. But, oddly enough, many of the readers keep asking it.

Asking what colour is best for making bets at online casinos, is the same thing as asking a stranger shoes of what colour one should buy. In these cases we usually do not ask other people’s opinions. One can win 10 times in a row by placing bets on the same colour, and all these 10 times he will win. The gain in this case is just as likely as if you put on a different colour. Therefore, you can:

Place bets on your favourite colour. Like red – place bets on red! Though all the time. It is not necessary to alternate colours for rates. You can place bets 5 times on red and win all of these 5 times, and then place a bet on black and see the red win once again! Easily.

Place bets on the colour, which wins more often. If you believe that black or red will be a winner, then use statistics. Some enjoy it and some do not. After all, statistics is gradually changing, and can be used simply as a non-guaranteed prompt for the current game time.

– If completely at a loss, you can toss a coin. Let the luck decide whether you are lucky. Some players seem to believe that there are lucky coins and other talismans. We cannot be positive if it really helps, but truth be told, even the author of this article has a lucky talisman on him now.