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New Playboy slot online from Microgaming

The new Multi-player slot has been released by Microgaming and to celebrate this, the company will launch a special competition this November. The slot is actually the well-known Playboy game that has been online since last year. But Microgaming did a great job adopting it to the Multi-player version.

New online slot Playboy

There will be the familiar spicy characters in the game, excellent soundtrack and superb animations – all the characteristics that made Playboy slot such a success in the past. And there will be the chance to compete 5 other live players, watching and compering the progress one makes. On top of it, the new Playboy Multi-player slot will have the bonus thermometer allowing a gambler access into an exclusive special feature. Sounds like fun, but let us wait and see just how many free spins this special feature will offer.

Why this game

The Product Manager for Multi-player games at Microgaming James Ford said that when they were choosing which game would become the new Multi-slot they decided on Playboy at once. The brand is utterly recognizable with 97 percent brand awareness globally. He added that the choice was right and it was very exciting for the Microgaming developers’ team to adopt Playboy to Multi-player online slot. The chances are very high that the player will share the excitement and will love the new version of this popular slot game.