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Microgaming’s Babelfish helps online poker rooms

One of distinct tendencies of the recent few years is the considerable downfall of poker rooms’ traffic. Numerous online casinos complain that the interest to table games has been decreasing for quite a period of time to become now really low. As a result many casinos choose to create networks to engage possibly more table games fans.

What was before

It may be that the chief disadvantage of poker rooms is that functionality of their lobby rooms is too much alike. The online casino operators of course point this out since they want their products to be possibly unique. But they are severely limited in this field because of the native software provided by operators. At least they used to be limited.

What will be now

Microgaming has recently made a huge step towards online casinos operators who like providing table games to the players. At the very beginning of March (a day ago in fact) a unique and advanced Babelfish technology was introduced to the market. With it a casino’s poker room will get to adjust their lobbies but remain a part of general network.