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Microgaming sponsored Isle of Man Half Marathon and the Marathon are to start soon

The Isle of Man located Microgaming is known as one of the biggest online gambling providers in the world. And on the Isle of Man it is known as one of the largest sponsors for great events they help to hold regularly. And as if to rove this, there will be the Half Marathon and the Marathon inspired by Microgaming in about a month from now. The place to hold the marathons will of course be the Isle of Man.

The athletes who would like to take part in either of the events should notice that they will have to apply till July 31 although the competition itself will start in August. The participants will be numerous as it is already clear from the about hundred persons willing to take part in the Marathon and about two hundred who would like to participate in the Half Marathon.

The Chairman of the Isle of Man Veteran Athletes’ Club Colin Watterson commented the Microgaming sponsored event by saying that the preparation to it is almost over and will surely be completed in time. So everyone who still wants to enter the participation should not hold it back and make an application instead. The entry fee is minimal and makes just £29.25 for non-affiliated members and £23.40 for affiliated members. And the prizes that will be given away are a lot more valuable!