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Microgaming life-saving project (continued)

As it was previously announced the Microgaming life-saving campaign took off. So by today 8 local golf clubs have already received Automated External Defibrillators (AED) for open usage. Clubs of Douglas, Port St. Mary, Castletown, Mount Murray, Onchan and 3 more also have trained stuff to assist with sudden cardio related problems. It became possible thanks to sponsoring of Microgaming and efforts of Paul Ellis and his colleagues from Noble’s Hospital. The aid courses for every club stuff member they organized did help in training on how to use the AED correctly and safely.

Microgaming Health Care & Trust official representative has emphasizes just how important it is to identify cardiac arrest at its earliest stage and assist as soon as possible. That is why life-saving equipment supplying to golf clubs could be vitally important. At the same time sufficient and professional training of the stuff is also of top priority, according to Dr. Roy Clague, Trustee of the Microgaming Health Care & Trust. Remarkable work of Paul Ellis was heartily thanked and highly appreciated. This fruitful cooperation will continue during future projects.

Aside from initial golf club project the supported by Microgaming Health & Care Trust is engaged in a number of other life-saving projects and activities. For example Peel Cathedral and Castletown Bowling Clubalso have also received Automated External Defibrillators for their needs. In general thanks to Microgaming’s support more than 20 apparatus have been provided to different organizations and companies starting from 2007 till now.