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Looking for problems

Any poker player who may now comfortably occupy the heights of poker fame, was once a novice player. It is impossible to learn how to do something, if you do not start from scratch, with the training. So the sooner future poker pro understands what he or she wants to achieve from poker, the faster they will go up and the shorter becomes their way.

Use your strengths

Surely the readers already know what distinguishes average players from professional players. One can find a lot of differences of course, but the main one is probably the presence of specific characteristic traits in behavior of gamblers who’ve just began their ascend to glory. Someone has good memory from nature, while another does not and he may therefore try to develop it and become better than the opponents. Someone is better at mathematical calculations, so why not use it for your benefits?

We are often looking for problems

How often do you run into problems at a poker table? And how often do you solve them? We agree that it is often solution to all problems to just leave the table for good, when you are facing a period of bad luck. But this may be a mistake, a new mistake that leads to losing some money. After such a poor session you try to disassemble the hands you had, analyze actions of competitors and find the cause of failure. You solve problems as they come.

It is known to all practitioners working in most areas of human activity, but not in poker. After all, in order to achieve the desired result at the table you absolutely need to find and anticipate mistakes before they occur. The well-known fact is that people who were successful in some areas had their own particular approach to the problems. The main essence of this approach is that people will look for problems and solutions not only to the already stated objectives.