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Best online Pokers casinos for Canadians

Today we are going to talk about the best online poker casinos for players from Canada and the US. The sad fact is that there is not that many one can use. And the fact is one can’t even count them on one hand without cutting off a couple of fingers. That’s how little the amount of decent places that exist in the US and Canada is.

So the two top online casinos to play poker are definitely Maple Casino and 32Red Casino. They are in many ways similar and both very popular. These casinos online share a lot of the same characteristics that our scouts really like and there is not that many things they dislike. But again, unfortunately the players from Canada and especially from the USA don’t have a choice. It’s usually these two casinos that are to be trusted to provide fair gambling and allow withdrawals afterwards.

Three reasons to choose these two casinos

Here is the list of reasons why we like these two online casinos.

1) Safety. This is the biggest concern that players often have when gambling online. When they go to gamble, when they go to play poker, all players really want to know that they are going to be able to withdraw the money.

2) The competition.For those gamblers who are not online poker professionals it is very important to stay at the casino where there is no players who make their living from playing poker. It’s just not interesting!

3) The choice. When getting tired of playing online poker alone, the players should have the chance to transfer to another game. At Maple Casino and 32Red casino they offer the full range of online gambling games, from online slots to Blackjack and Keno.